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Professional Licensure

Applying for Credentials

Teaching in Delaware requires that an individual hold a valid license and certificate to teach in a public school.  The application for licensure and certification is a two-step process.  Learn about the processes and what is required for each step...

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Documentation Guidelines

Providing official documentation of the various documents required for licensure and certification is a key part of the entire process.  Learn more about what constitutes "official", where to send the documents, and what to do if applying for an additional certificate.

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Types of Licenses and Certificates

Delaware educators hold one of three types of licenses.  These licenses are the same for each educator and do vary depending on the curriculum focus.  Certification is where the educator receives endorsement to teach a specific subject.  Visit this section to learn more about each type of license and the types of certificates issued.

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Choosing an Educator Preparation Program

Simply majoring in Education in college does not mean one is in a educator preparation program.  Programs must be accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

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Forms and Materials

Each application for licensure and certification requires a variety of forms and other supporting materials.  Learn more about what is required, including links to the actual forms, by visiting this section.

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Alternative Routes to Certification

Delaware currently has five alternative options for being granted a license and certification if you are applying but do not have student teaching experience.  Learn more about each of the five options and the different documents which each requires.

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Professional Licensees

Our public schools have a host of highly-trained educators who provide specialized services beyond what teachers provide in the classroom.  Guidance Counselors, School Nurses, Social Workers, and Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists are licensed and certified using a special set of regulations, specific to their respective position.  Links to the regulations specific to each are provided.

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Every individual who pursues an initial license and certification must pass the Praxis I, which stands for the Pre-Professional Skills Tests.  Praxis II tests can provide highly-qualified status, as well as help an individual in their pursuit of additional certification.

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