DSEA Staff

DSEA Staff- Headquarters

Jeff Taschner, Executive Director

Patricia “Patti” McGonigle, General Counsel & Assistant Executive Director 

Judy Anderson, CPA, Business Manager & Assistant Executive Director 

Sandy Dearman, Executive Assistant to the President

Debbie Weaver, Business Program Assistant

Peggy Ramsey, Business and Membership Program Assistant

Deborah Stevens, Director of Instructional Advocacy

Kristin Dwyer, Director of Legislation and Political Organizing

Amanda Simonetti, Program Assistant for Government Relations, Research, Political Organizing, and Instructional Advocacy

David Wright, Director of Member Relations and Communications

Shelley Meadowcroft, Director of Public Relations and Communications

Tammy Wagner, Coordinator of Member Programs, Events and Related Groups

Val Hoffmann, UniServ Director for Appoquinimink E.A., Appoquinimink FSWA, Appoquinimink ESPA, Polytech E.A. (unified teachers, paras, custodians), Smyrna E.A. (unified teachers, paras, custodians, secretaries), and Laurel E.A. (unified teachers, paras, custodians, secretaries, food service workers)

Kathy Dulis, UniServ Director for Cape Henlopen E.A., Cape Henlopen Support Staff, Indian River E.A. (unified teachers/specialists, secretaries, paras, custodians), and Delmar E.A.

Scott Cole, UniServ Director for Caesar Rodney E.A. (unified teachers and paras), Caesar Rodney Support, Capital Secretaries, Milford E.A. (unified teachers/specialists and paraprofessionals), Sussex Tech. E.A., Sussex Tech Support, and Woodbridge E.A.

Mike Hoffmann, UniServ Director for Capital EA, Capital Paras, Capital Support, Capital Secys, Lake Forest (unified teachers, paras, secretaries, custodians, food service), Seaford E.A., Seaford Custodians, Seaford Support Staff, and Indian River Chief Custodians

Wendy Cannon, UniServ Specialist for Local Association and Membership Growth and Development

Julie MacNeill, Program Assistant for DSEA/NEA-Retired and UniServ Directors

Amanda Gerardi,  Program Assistant for Membership


New Castle County Office

David Davis, Uniserv Director for Brandywine E.A., Brandywine School Nutrition, Christina Child Nutrition, Colonial School Food Workers, Colonial Transportation, and Red Clay Food Services Workers

Julie DeHaas, UniServ Director for Christina E.A., Christina Paras, and Special Schools E.A. 

Laura Rowe, UniServ Director for Colonial E.A., Colonial Paras, Public Health Nurses Council, New Castle County Vo-Tech E.A. (teachers, specialists and paras), Red Clay Secretaries, and Charter School of Wilmington 

Vickie Caprinolo, UniServ Director for Christina Secretaries, Red Clay E.A., Red Clay Paras, and Odyssey Charter School

Valerie Jones, Program Assistant for membership and New Castle County UniServ Directors

Donna Clack, Legal Assistant to DSEA General Counsel