DSEA Executive Board

The following is a list of the members of the DSEA Executive Board. These members comprise the decision-making body governing DSEA. They meet monthly, as well as on an emergency basis, to discuss, approve, and execute the policies and programs voted on by the DSEA Representative Assembly.

New Castle County

    • Neena Burnett - NCCVT E.A. (St. George's)
    • Regina Christian -Red Clay Paras (Highlands Elem.)
    • Janine Clarke - Red Clay EA (Warner Elem.)
    • Teresa Dawson - Odyssey E.A. (Odyssey Charter)
    • Tonya Frazier - Christina E.A. (Pulaski Elem.)
    • Charles Hackett - NCCVT E.A. (DelCastle High)
    • Jozette Hartsfield - Colonial Paras (Leach Elem.)
    • Mike Kempski - Christina E.A. (Shue-Medill Middle)
    • Emily Klein - Red Clay E.A. (Skyline Middle)
    • David Kohan - Christina E.A. (Glasgow High)
    • Barbara MacGeorge-Sorg - Appoqunimink ESPs (Middletown High)
    • Mike McKibbin - Appoquinimink E.A. (Appo School Dist.)
    • Jeanette Ousey - Colonial Transpo. (Bus Yard)
    • Jessica Walsh - Christina E.A. (Gallaher Elem.)
    • John Woodruff - Christina E.A. (Newark High)
    • Cindy Strusowski - RCFSW (Skyline Middle)


Kent County

    • Clay Beauchamp -Lake Forest E.A. (South Elem.)
    • Kim Carlson - Smyrna E.A. (North Smyrna Elem.)
    • Gary Duren - Caesar Rodney E.A. (Postlethwait Middle)
    • Ann Harris - Caesar Rodney E.A. (Fifer Middle)
    • Jossette Threatts - Caesar Rodney E.A. (Welch Elem.)
    • Grace Parfitt - Milford E.A. (Milford High)


Sussex County

    • Gloria Ho - Cape Henlopen E.A. (Milton Elem.)
    • Amy Johnson - IREA (Lord Baltimore)
    • Karen Maull - Cape E.A. (Cape High)
    • Jason Pilgrim - IREA (Long Neck Elem)
    • Kimberly Simmons - Seaford E.A. (Seaford Middle)


At Large

    • Maureen Keeney - DSEA Retired
    • Homar Rodriguez - DSEA Aspiring Educators, Del State University