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At the March 13, 2023 Public Education Compensation Committee (PECC) meeting, the committee voted to recommend a four-year plan to increase the state share of individual salaries paid under Title 14, §1305 to $42,000 by the end of the four-year timeframe.  The information below is intended to help individuals understand what this recommendation, if accepted by the Governor, would mean for their annual salaries.

How does salary get calculated for individuals paid under Title 14 §1305?

Salaries for individuals paid under Title 14 §1305 consist of approximately 70% state funding and approximately 30% local funding.  To calculate the state share, the state establishes a “base salary”.  The base salary is the dollar amount set for the Bachelor’s Degree level with 0 years of experience.  For individuals further along in their careers and/or academic achievement, the base salary is multiplied by the appropriate index value established under §1305(a).  The resulting dollar amount becomes the state share of the educator’s salary.  The remainder of an individual’s salary comes from the local share, which is locally bargained.  The total salary is calculated by adding the state share and local share.

What is the current “base salary” for individuals paid under Title 14, §1305?

The “base salary” for the current Fiscal Year is $30,769.

Where can I find the index value established under Title 14, §1305(a)?

The index value table under Title 14, §1305(a) can be found at the following link:

What would the “base salary” be under the PECC’s four-year proposed plan?

The proposed four-year plan includes a 2% plus $1,875 annual increase to the base salary under §1305 each year of the four-year plan beginning in Fiscal Year 2025 and continuing through Fiscal Year 2028.  The table below shows these proposed “base salary” for each year of the plan:












Click Here to see what the state share salaries would look like under the PECC four-year proposal.  Reminder- The 6% which is included in the 9% for next year is a one-time “down payment”, so when calculating the base salary for FY25, it is based on the 3% increase number from FY24 plus the 2% increase plus the $1,875 flat dollar amount. 


Salary Calculations (State Portion)

Curious as to what the state portion of your salary would look like with differing increases for each lane. The tabs show what the current salary would be year after year with 0 percent increases, 1 percent increases and 2 percent increases, and run out for 32 years to potentially give you career earning estimates.  Click on your lane to see the calculations. Not sure what you're looking for/at?  Then fill out our compensation questions & feedback form here:

We have also put together slides with the base rate calculations and a few examples for FY24 - FY28. Click Here to see them! 



Education Support Position Recommendations from PECC:

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 Information Technology Support:  Recommendations to be reviewed at the Aug 14th meeting!


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