Alternative Routes to Certification

If you are applying for Licensure/Certification in Delaware but do not have Student Teaching experience, you may be eligible for Licensure under a Delaware Alternative Route.

Delaware has five alternative licensure and certification options:

  1. The Alternative Routes to Certification Program supports Delaware public and charter schools in certain secondary subject areas and K-12 Music and Art where there is a shortage of certified teachers (critical needs areas). Schools may hire individuals to teach a subject in which they already have an appropriate academic degree and then enroll them in ARTC to complete certification requirements at the University of Delaware while they are teaching.
  2. The Delaware Transition to Teaching Partnership (DT3P) seeks candidates with a Bachelor’s degree or 30 credits in either Science, Mathematics, Technology or English Language Arts to teach in a high-need secondary school for four years. As with ARTC, employment is required for enrollment; however, DT3P candidates complete an intensive three-week summer institute in July prior to their first teaching position. Four additional courses are taken at the University of Delaware over two years to achieve certification while teaching. Candidates agree to teach for an additional two years.
  3. The Masters Plus Certification Program in Special Education is designed for individuals with non-education college degrees who are currently employed as paraeducators in a Delaware school who want to complete special education certification. The Master's program is completed at the University of Delaware.
  4. Teach For America Program (TFA) recruits recent college graduates of all majors and career interests and working professionals to commit two years to teach in low-income urban and rural public schools. TFA invests in training and professional development to ensure teachers' success in high-poverty communities. Corps members are placed in Delaware, and the program is completed through Wilmington University.
  5. Ninety-one Days in Lieu of Student Teaching is an option for individuals to use one year of substitute teaching experience in one assignment from a DE public or charter school as an alternative to completing a formal student teaching program. There are no guarantees for licensure or certification using this route. If acceptable documentation is submitted from the district/charter, and if the individual is hired within one year of the experience, an Emergency Certificate may be issued upon request by the hiring district/charter. Click this link for more details: Additional information

Required documentation for all Alternative Routes programs:

Your application cannot be processed until we receive all documentation listed on your application.

TRANSCRIPTS - Send official (unopened) transcripts for all degrees and coursework directly to our office. DOE can only accept transcripts from regionally accredited colleges/universities.

TEST SCORES - Praxis I Math, Reading, Writing is required to receive a License. SAT/GRE/NTE scores are also acceptable. Praxis II or ACTFL may be required for specific Certificates. Educational Testing Service (ETS) administers the Praxis tests. Please use reporting code R7065 to ensure test scores are sent electronically to the Delaware Department of Education. For Certificates requiring American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), Language Testing International administers the ACTFL tests.

Upon completion of any Alternative program, the following is required for licensure/certification:  

  • Letter of completion from the Delaware Alternative Program
  • Official transcript verifying successful completion of all Delaware Alternative Routes course requirements
  • An original letter from the educator’s district/charter attesting to satisfactory teaching performance and recommendation for a certification signed by the Personnel Director and Superintendent of your district or charter school.

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