Mary Pieri, Treasurer

Mary Pieri is someone who leads with both her heart and her head. She was appointed DSEA Treasurer by the DSEA Executive Board on January 10th, 2023.  Mary is an active member of the Christina Education Association having held many positions within CEA over the years, and currently serving as Treasurer. Mary is also a Special Educational Coordinator at Gallaher Elementary in the Christina School District.

Mary goes above and beyond to work collaboratively with parents in the educational process.  She has led the way in early learning and has served on a statewide task force to address the developmentally appropriate needs of kindergarten students and was named the Teacher of the Year for Gallaher during the 2018-2019 school year.  Serving as the DSEA Resolutions Chair for the last 5 years, she is no stranger to the task at hand and looks forward to serving DSEA and its members in this new role. 

Check out this video made about Mary (by Jen Dalgarn)!