Six Quick Tips for Engaging Your Child

Engaging and motivating your school-age child can be one of the most difficult parts of parenting.  While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, the following six tips are an excellent starting point for reinforcing or developing a culture of academic concern and engagement in your home.

Just Ask - Ask your children what they studied in class today, what they liked and what they learned. Asking questions shows that school is important.

Quiet Study - Choose a place for home study and make sure the room is quiet during that time. Creating a quiet place goes a long way toward helping your children learn.

Regular Schedule - Set up a certain time of day that is dedicated to homework. Follow up with your children to be sure homework is complete and turned in on time.

Learn Together - If you want your children to read their assignments, give yourself an assignment, too. When it's time for them to do homework, take a break and spend a few minutes reading a book, magazine or newspaper.

Learn Everywhere - Increase your children's interest in homework by connecting school to everyday life. For instance, your children can learn fractions and measurements while you prepare favorite foods together.

Meet Their Teachers - Meet with your children's teachers to find out what they are learning and discuss their progress in school.

Praise Helps - Praise your children for successfully completing homework. Nothing encourages children more than praise from their parents.