Professional Standards Board


The mission of the Professional Standards Board is to determine, evaluate, and promote the standards which professional educators must meet in Delaware.  The PSB is outlined in Delaware law and is made up of a diverse group of representatives.


The Professional Standards Board consists of 16 members appointed by the Governor.  These 16 members come from the following groups: teachers, nurses, specialists, administrators, school board members, higher education, and parents of Delaware students.  For a list of current members, [click here].

PSB Regulations

The Professional Standards Board is enshrined in Delaware law through Title 14 (Education), Section 1500.  This part of the Delaware Code specifies the professional standards for all relevant professional educator position licensed/certificated by the State.

Follow this link to view the list of positions and read their regulations: Professional Standards Board Regulations

Meeting Agendas & Reports

The following link will redirect you to the relevant section of the Department of Education's website dealing with the Professional Standards Board.  You can then locate the most up-to-date meeting reports and access agendas.

Follow:  PSB Agenda & Reports