Introduction to DSEA Retired

DSEA Retired is comprised of retired employees from Delaware's public school system.  Many are former active members of DSEA who have continued that activism and advocacy into retirement.  Learn more about DSEA Retired.


About DSEA-Retired and Why You Should Join

We are retired employees from Delaware's public school system. Most of us are former active DSEA members who have continued our connections with DSEA by joining DSEA-Retired and NEA-Retired.  Members receive regular news updates, information, and activities important to retired educators.  


Who is eligible to join DSEA–Retired? Anyone who has worked in Delaware’s public schools.


Contacting DSEA-Retired: 

DSEA-Retired c/o Julie MacNeill or President Maureen Keeney

136 E. Water Street

Dover, DE 19901

302-734-5834 in Kent County

866-734-5834 (toll-free)



  • For too many years, issues affecting retired school employees’ pensions & health benefits have been put on the “back burner” by politicians & legislative leaders. DSEA Retired is an organization that has reversed that neglect.
  • In the past, retired school employees found it difficult to maintain ties with the schools – the institution to which they devoted years of effort & dedication. DSEA Retired, as part of DSEA, provides the opportunity to keep in touch.
  • Even with good planning, personal finances can change in retirement. DSEA Retired & NEA-Retired members continue to qualify for discounts on life, auto, home AD&D, Medicare supplement, long-term care, and homeowner’s insurance; books, magazine, car rentals; higher education loans; mutual funds, certificates of deposit, money market funds; credit cards, hearing aid products & other items (
  • After devoting so much to education, it’s hard to go without news of what’s happening today in the schools. Membership in DSEA-Retired brings regular accounts of trends, issues and developments in public education through publications such as NEA Today, DSEA Action, DSEA Retired News and NEA Today for Retired Members.
  • Success in improving the lives of school employees can only come through an organization that has the resources, expertise & clout to work effectively with the legislature, the Pension Board, & others who affect your livelihood. Through its affiliation with DSEA, DSEA Retired is the only retired school employee organization in Delaware that meets these criteria – that has the track record & the tradition to do the job for you!  
  • Retirees can have a more active status by joining one of many DSEA Retired committees, such as Membership, Activity, and Communications. Or, you can become very active by joining the Board of Directors. The committees & board have only one central purpose in mind – to strengthen DSEA Retired.
  • The relationships & friendships that you formed with colleagues when you were teaching are strengthened in retirement through DSEA Retired Plus, new friendships are formed.