Member Spotlight: Kristin Galati

Get to know Kristin Galati, who is President of the Milford Education Association (MEA) and a classroom teacher at Milford Central Academy.  MEA represents over 450 teachers, specialists, and education support professionals across the district's six schools.

 ... on why she chose a career in public education

"Growing up, I wasn’t given the opportunity to question my environment. I wanted that for kids. I wanted to become a small part in their lives to remind them of who they are meant to be and their great potential to write their own stories in such a way that it would become an epic.

I first became a special education teacher for that same reason. Believing in every child’s unique capabilities and opening the door for them to see it has always been the greatest joy as a teacher."


... on how she first got involved with her union

"My father, stepfather and husband were all officials in CWA and IBEW. I grew up watching them fight for rights and fair pay from corporations that made billions of dollars a year. Union values have been instilled in me from childhood and I firmly believe that we are stronger together. During my tenure as president, I have striven to make all members feel heard. Their voices are important and I want them to feel comfortable using them."


... on why she became a local leader for her union

"The past president, Kerry Stahl is actually the person that I credit with my current involvement. She made me believe that I did have the leadership skills to take on this role. She also reminded me that it is a learning process and that I should try to be as transparent as possible while showing a great deal of humility."


... on how public education has changed for the better

"One positive thing that has changed for the better is the use of technology. Teachers are able to communicate with students through email, create interactive lessons, and access data to help with instruction. Students can access information to gain a deeper understanding of concepts. Schools have classes on computer science or coding that will help students in future careers." 


... on what public education needs to fix going forward


"One thing that needs to change is less testing of students and more project-based learning that proves students are gaining knowledge and skills that will propel them forward. We all know that you cannot teach “to the student” using differentiated instruction, accommodations, supports and scaffolding all year... and then give them a standardized test expecting them to “meet the standard”." 


... on what she wants potential members to know

"First, that this union works hard EVERY day to make sure that their voices are heard when it comes to policies and laws that affect the classroom. Second, the union fights for their rights as educators to have some autonomy in their classrooms. Third, and not the least important, the union ensures job security and safety with contract negotiations."


... on what she wants current members to know

"It is my fervent hope that you have felt comfortable reaching out to your building reps or executive team with any questions or issues. We want you to feel important because you are. We want to support you in being the best educator possible. We hope you consider taking a more active role in your union. as it is only as strong as our members. We are stronger together"