Member Spotlight: Katie Birmingham

Get to know Katie Birmingham, who is President of the Sussex Tech Education Association (STEA) and an educator at Sussex Tech High School.  STEA represents over 90 teachers and specialists at Sussex Technical High School.

 ... on why she chose a career in public education

"Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. I always enjoyed helping others and volunteering in the community. My mom was and still is a paraprofessional in Baltimore County. She has been a huge part of my career in education and why I chose a career in education. What pushed me to be a special educator was my very good friend Kareem from Kenwood High School in Baltimore County. I volunteered with the unified sports teams and met Kareem. Kareem inspired me and gave me the drive to become a special education teacher. Seeing Kareem and his friends out on the soccer field, the bowling alley, and the softball field sealed the deal for me and my future goals."


... on the local association win she's most proud of

"I feel like the biggest win for our local association has been fostering and maintaining a relationship with our district office and building administration. We as an association can communicate and collaborate regularly which has made a huge impact on the school staff. I want to thank Dr. Kevin Carson (Superintendent) and the district office as well as Mr. John Baugher (Building Principal) and Dr. Matthew Donovan (Former building principal) for having an open door and being so easy to work with! We are so incredibly lucky to be so unique as a one-district, one-school campus!"


... on how public education has changed for the better

"Over my career in education, I feel that seeing more emphasis on the students who will not be or do not plan to attend college has been a change for the better. When I was going through high school, it seemed like it was college or nothing. Now, we have so many opportunities for our students who want to go into the military, right to employment, attend a trade school, etc. I think that this shift has played a huge part in the success of many students.


... on what she wants potential members to know

"It is a great time to join the union! We have a great working relationship with the administration and we need your voice and support to continue to become stronger and make positive changes for our staff, school environment, and students."


... on what she wants current members to know

"Thank you to each of you for your patience, understanding, collaboration, and hard work that you put in every day at Sussex Tech! We are truly stronger together!"