Member Spotlight: Beth Martin

Get to know Beth Martin, who is Vice President of the Capital Education Association (CEA) and a classroom teacher at Dover High School.  CEA represents over 500 teachers and specialists across the district's 14 schools.

 ... on why she chose a career in public education

"After I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, I worked for a large home-building company in Atlanta. The owner supported his employees taking time from work to tutor students at an elementary school in downtown Atlanta, so I tutored a little girl, Fredricka Smith, and helped her learn to read. I knew then I wanted to go back to school to pursue a degree in education, so I earned my master’s degree in English education."


... on a local achievement she's most proud of

"A grievance usually has a negative connotation; however, that was not the case with the one I spearheaded last year. It involved a substantial amount of retroactive pay owed to 22 members at the high school as well as to several members at the middle and elementary schools. It was a positive experience, as our team worked with our district administration to resolve this. As part of the grievance decision, our superintendent, Dr. Vilicia Cade, decided every teacher shall be reimbursed $150 and every paraprofessional shall be reimbursed $50 for supplies for their classrooms and students. Working with administrators at the district level to make situations better at every level, is what the Capital Educators Association is all about. Therefore, in this instance, the grievance created a better connection with district administration, and issues are now easier to resolve."


... on what she wants potential members to know

"Those who have yet to join the union are missing out on important advocacy. There are many union representatives and leaders who tirelessly advocate for them, so I would hope they’d consider honoring their time and effort by becoming union members."


... on what she wants current members to know

"Current union members in every district need to read their contract and check their paystubs. If something doesn’t seem right, then it probably isn’t."