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Legal Services

DSEA Attorney Referral Program

During any membership year (from September 1 to August 31), eligible members, spouses, and dependent children are entitled to two, free 30-minute consultation sessions with any of the Association-approved attorneys under the Attorney Referral Program.  The free consultation allows you to discuss your problems with an attorney to determine whether you need additional legal services.  The attorney is not expected to draft or review documents during a consultation.  If you ask the attorney to provide additional services, you will be billed at a discounted Program rate.

In addition to free consultations, members may have specific legal work performed in five “core” areas at a 30-percent reduction of participating attorneys’ normal fees.  The five core areas include real estate, wills and estates, domestic relations, consumer protection and traffic violations.

[Click here] for a list of attorneys and firms who participate in our Attorney Referral Program.

Educators Employment Liability Program Q&A

What is the Educators Employment Liability (EEL) Program?

The EEL program is a professional liability insurance program which NEA provides as a benefit of membership. The program is totally dues-funded; members pay no separate fee. It is designed to protect association members -- whether classroom teachers or support professionals -- from personal financial liability for most incidents arising out of their educational employment activities or duties.

The EEL Program provides insurance coverage for a variety of situations which result in injury to someone other than members. For example:

  • student injuries
  • charges of educational malpractice
  • corporal punishment

The EEL Program is administered through your NEA state affiliate association. Liability and insurance laws vary in each state. If you want more information on the specific provisions of EEL coverage in your state, contact your local UniServ representative or state affiliate association.

Additional Advantages of the EEL Program

Your coverage is worldwide, includes coverage on and off school grounds, and is in force 24 hours a day, as long as you are performing your educational employment activities.

Also, you should know that NEA's policy is an "occurrence policy." This means that your coverage is linked to when the "occurrence" took place. For example, if you are sued for a 2001 incident, coverage would be available to you if you were a member at the time of the "occurrence," even if such claim or proceeding arises against you in the current year or in the future.