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Joining DSEA-Retired


“Any retired person who was an employee of a school, university, or other educational institution or agency operating under the laws of the State of Delaware if he/she is also a member of NEA-Retired. Members shall maintain unified membership.” (DSEA-Retired Bylaws)


Active Retired - Membership shall be open to any retired person who was an employee of a school, university, or other educational institution or agency operating under the laws of the State of Delaware if he/she is also a member of the NEA-Retired. Members shall maintain unified Membership. 
Annual dues are $65; these can be paid by check, cash or pension deduction.  Lifetime Membership is $550 which is a one-time payment. With lifetime membership, an active DSEA member can join DSEA-Retired/NEA-Retired before retirement and his/her membership will become active when he/she retires.

Associate Retired - Membership shall be open to any retired educator who is a member of another state's Retired Education Association and is a member of the NEA-Retired and maintains residency in the State of Delaware. Current dues are $20/year for DSEA-Retired; remember that you must continue your membership in your state you retired as well.


  • For too many years, issues affecting retired school employees’ pensions & health benefits have been put on the “back burner” by politicians & legislative leaders. DSEA-Retired is an organization that has reversed that neglect.
  • In the past, retired school employees found it difficult to maintain ties with the schools – the institution to which they devoted years of effort & dedication. DSEA-Retired, as part of DSEA, provides the opportunity to keep in touch.
  • Even with the good planning, personal finances can change in retirement. DSEA-Retired & NEA-Retired members continue to qualify for discounts on life, auto, home AD&D, Medicare supplement, long-term care and homeowner’s insurance; books, magazine, car rentals; higher education loans; mutual funds, certificates of deposit, money market funds; credit cards, hearing aid products & other items (
  • After devoting so much to education, it’s hard to go without news of what’s happening today in the schools. Membership in DSEA-Retired brings regular accounts of trends, issues and developments in public education through publications such as NEA Today, DSEA's ACTION!, DSEA-Retired News and NEA-Retired’s This Active Life.
  • Success in improving the lives of school employees can only come through an organization that has the resources, expertise & clout to work effectively with the legislature, the Pension Board, & others who affect your livelihood. Through its affiliation with DSEA, DSEA-Retired is the only retired school employee organization in Delaware that meets these criteria – that has the track record & the tradition to do the job for you!
  • Retirees can maintain their active status by joining one of many DSEA-Retired committees, such as Membership, Activity, and Communications. Or, you can become very active by joining the Board of Directors. The committees & board have only one central purpose in mind – to strengthen the DSEA-Retired.


Download the membership form below and mail to Debbie Weaver at the DSEA Headquarters office.  You may call 866-734-5834 if you need additional assistance.

DSEA-Retired Basic Membership Form