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NEA Director Vacancy

Effective September 1, 2015, a vacancy will exist on the DSEA Leadership Team for NEA Director.  The term for the vacant NEA Director seat will expire on July 15, 2016.

Responsibilities of the NEA Director include:  Meeting regularly with the DSEA Leadership Team and with local association Presidents/Leadership Teams;  sharing duties with other members of the Leadership Team, as necessary; visiting local leaders, governing bodies and members;  attending all NEA Board meetings; and serving in a leadership capacity at the NEA RA.

Preventing Summer Learning Loss

Summer rightfully should be a time for students to unwind and have fun.  However, unwinding and having fun can still be a part of activities that keep their academic skills sharp and prevent the potential for "summer learning loss."  Here is a lengthy list of tips, strategies, and suggested activities to keep your child's mind fresh, engaged, and ready to learn... while having fun at the same time!

Step Increases & FY 2016 Budget Update

DSEA wants to thank our members for their advocacy regarding step increases.  Step increases are vital, giving Delaware a competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining qualified educators. 

Vision to Learn Program

This issue of untreated poor eyesight disproportionately affects children in low-income communities because of cost and the lack of access.  This is a problem that a new program in Delaware, called Vision to Learn, seeks to end by bringing doctors and glasses directly to schools.

"Time to Teach, Time to Learn" Campaign

All of our students deserve the tools and time to learn, but there is too much focus on standardized tests in schools today. We need more time to teach so our classrooms emphasize curiosity and one-on-one instruction, rather than testing, to inspire a lifelong love of learning.