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"Degrees Not Debt" Week of Action

NEA's "Degrees Not Debt" Week of Action is a week-long campaign aimed at raising awareness, and spurring action, to reduce the crippling debt which befalls most people who attend college.  There are a host of resources and information on DSEA's "Degrees Not Debt" page.

Member Benefits Updates

DSEA is hosting and offering some exiting membership benefit opportunities for current members.  Join us at one of our upcoming member benefits fairs and utilize one of our special promotions available to members.

Education-related Meetings Calendar

The following meetings are all related to public education.  They span a wide selection of groups, from State Board of Education to Professional Standards Board to the DPAS Review Committee.  DSEA strongly encourages its members to participate in these meetings as much as their schedule allows them to.

Professional Development through DSEA

The DSEA Professional Development calendar for 2014–15 has been set.  The featured PD for October is SMART Board & Notebook Software training. There are two dates for the training:  Oct. 4th (Newark Office) and Oct. 11th (Dover Office).  The deadline to register is October 3rd.  Information on how to register appears on the full PD page.