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Sarah Says


Well, the season of ghosts and goblins has passed and now we enter the month of giving thanks.  I give thanks for faithful retired members who work tirelessly on goals, projects, communication...and above all, this year, PAC Fund-raising.  I know from experience how busy a state president can be.  For those of you who are not presidents, I know your support and assistance is well received by your elected leaders. It's the old story, "If not now, when; and if not me, who will do it?"  Over 321,000 retired members depend on YOUR leadership---elected or not; don't let them down.

I also give thanks for my freedoms and while often threatened, I remind myself I live in a country where people are still knocking to come in and not standing in line to get out.  We know that democracy is the cornerstone of our existence and above all, the cornerstone of public education.  So while we have the right to complain, we also have the obligation to protect that democracy, and we can do it as retired members of the Association and of the United States.  Pause; reflect; remember; never, never give up! Your voice matters!