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Helpful Classroom Hints

Beating the "First-Day Jitters"

Every educator gets those "first day of school" jitters.  Here are 14 simple guidelines for heading those "jitters" off at the pass and starting the year out in a strong frame of mind.

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Discipline Issues

Proactively addressing discipline can help prevent problems and ensure that your responses to disruptions are successful.

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New Teacher Resources

Resources are in short supply, no matter what school district you work in.  Here are a few helpful websites and other valuable suggestions for getting needed resources into your classroom without waiting for district office to go through the vendor process to get them or tell you "There's no money."

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Before Your First Parent-Teacher Conference

Your first parent-teacher conference may occur before you feel settled and confident of your teaching. The following suggestions for preparation may help you confidently approach the conferences and conduct them productively.

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Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences

Meeting with a student's parent or guardian can be a nerve-wracking experience... One which tests even the most veteran of educators.  Here are some helpful tips for navigating those delicate conversations.

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Establishing Authority in the Classroom

"Respect" is at the core of every successful classroom.  If the students respect the educators authority, success becomes much easier to achieve.  However, establishing and maintaining authority is a challenge.  Here are some suggestions for building and maintaining that atmosphere in your classroom.

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Working Well with Parents

Reaching parents today takes more than sending home a flyer, making an occasional phone call, and holding a Back to School Night. It takes creativity and flexibility.  If you are successful in keeping a parent engaged in their child's education, that child can achieve the success you envision for them.

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How to Get Free Classroom Supplies

Rather than using your own income, Tamar Snyder at Edutopia suggests following these tips for getting free supplies that can help you make your classroom the nurturing place it should be.

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