Executive Board Vacancies

Join the DSEA Executive Board – Vacancy Announcement – Kent County


DSEA currently has a vacancy for the Executive Board for a Kent County Executive Board member.  Per DSEA Bylaws, the term will begin immediately following the September 21, 2020 Executive Board meeting and expire on August 31, 2021.  Kent County DSEA members are eligible to run for the position.


Please pass this information along to your members.  Anyone interested in serving on the DSEA Executive Board for Kent County for this seat is asked to send a letter of intent to the attention of Stephanie Ingram at DSEA, 136 East Water Street, Dover, DE  19901 by September 11, 2020.  Letters of interest may also be emailed to Sandy.Dearman@dsea.org


The Board will vote on their decision at their September 21, 2020 Executive Board meeting.