DSEA Retired Elections

DSEA Retired Elections 

This year, we only have one contested race in our DSEA Retired Elections - NEA RA Delegate.  Please read each of the candidates' information below.  Ballots will be mailed out on January 26th, and the return postmark must be no later than February 9th.  If you do not receive your ballot by the first week in February, please email Julie MacNeill at Julie.Macneill@dsea.org or call 302-734-5834.



Adele Jones

I would like to continue to represent DSEA Retired as a delegate to the NEA Retired RA and the NEA RA.  I have been your delegate for the last few years to these annual meetings. For the last two years, both of these meetings have been virtual.  I enjoy representing our group and our perspective to these groups of delegates.  Thank you for your continued support!



Kelli Bradley

As a recent 2021 retiree, I would like to continue to help Delaware at the NEA RA and DSEA RA!  As part of the NEA-RA and DSEA-RA for the past 20 years, I’ve had the opportunity to discuss issues facing educators and paraprofessionals today.  Now as a retiree I would like to be part of the discussion on issues facing pensioners in our nation. I would like to continue DSEA’s representation on the NEA Community Outreach Committee at the RA.  Over the past  20 years, as a Delaware Delegate to the NEA RA, we’ve helped numerous organizations in the host city by serving meals to the homeless, working with Habitat for Humanity and other community outreach activities.  It’s been fun serving as an officer on this committee and getting Delaware involved in volunteer activities!  I would be honored to serve in the capacity again if you elect me as a Representative to the DSEA-RA and Successor Delegate to the NEA-RA. I am currently an Ex Officio member of the DSEA Retired Board as the Community Outreach Coordinator, helping to develop activities for our communities in Delaware that need it, like our recent clothing drive for Code Purple & Sunday Breakfast Mission.

NEA RA Community Outreach Board Member – 20 years

DSEA Executive Board Member – 7 years

BEA Executive Board – 17 years (Held BEA Vice-President office for 7 years)

BEA Building Rep – 28 years

Math Teacher at Mount Pleasant HS – 34 years