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Time to Teach, Time to Learn

Time to Teach, Time to Learn: School Board Resolution

The decisions making the most impact on our children's education should be made by locally-elected school boards, community parents, and educators. Get the support of your local school board in standing up to the overuse, misuse, and abuse of high-stakes testing. 

Parent's Guide: Testing at Your Child's School

High-stakes tests are your business, too! Ask questions, get answers, and stay connected to the total evaluation of your child's classroom performance.

Testing: Facts & Figures

The amount of time students spend on tests, the cost of testing, and the actual impact on their education are all important facts and figures to learn about.

Multimedia for "Time to Teach, Time to Learn"

As part of its campaign, DSEA will produce and distribute videos related to "Time to Teach, Time to Learn".  The videos will touch on several topics and will be spaced out over the course of the campaign.  The videos will be accessible here on our website or on our YouTube channel.

News Articles on High-Stakes Testing

This collection of news articles offers insights into high-stakes testing.  The offer a window into the damage high-stakes testing is doing, the activism surrounding these effects, as well as polling showing the shift in public opinion.

Alternatives to High-Stakes Testing

Statewide high-stakes assessments required by No Child Left Behind provide little value for the improvement of instructional practice.  Furthermore, Educational experts and researchers have proposed alternative approaches to standardized high-stakes assessments for more than a decade.  Learn more about some of those alternatives.

Effects of NCLB on Student Achievement

There is no consensus among researchers that NCLB’s test-driven accountability system has led to increased growth in student performance or narrowed achievement gaps.  Learn more about these affects...